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Social Responsibility Statement

Yorkshire Handmade Pies takes its social responsibility very seriously and is a brand that believes in upholding the highest standards in every area of social responsibility.

Yorkshire Handmade Pies are members of the Living Wage Foundation (www.livingwage.org.uk) This means all our employees are paid a wage that is based on the cost of living and not just the legal minimum. The Living Wage aims to promote ‘a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work’ and Yorkshire Handmade Pies are proud to be part of this scheme that enables our employees to lead better lives.

Yorkshire Handmade Pies is also a member of the Good Business Charter (www.goodbusinesscharter.com) which is a voluntary accreditation scheme which recognises responsible business practises. Members must demonstrate that they are upholding the 10 points within the charter which include paying fair tax, ethical sourcing, fairer hours and contracts for employees, diversity and inclusion and prompt payments to suppliers.

Environmental responsibility is something Yorkshire Handmade Pies takes very seriously and is something the company is always aiming to improve. Yorkshire Handmade Pies has invested in solar panels on its factory to increase its use of renewable energy consumption and is also committed to using sustainable ingredients. All palm oil products used are certified RSPO sustainable. RSPO is a not for profit organisation that develops and implements global standards for sustainable palm oil across the world.

All Yorkshire Handmade Pies meat is sourced from UK sources and is all reared on low intensity systems which are pasture grazed and not indoor reared. Yorkshire Handmade Pies is passionate about only using the best quality meat which has been reared to the highest standards and only uses suppliers who can demonstrate these standards.

Yorkshire Handmade Pies is committed to best business practise and is continually reviewing and developing its social responsibility policy to ensure the highest standards.