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Your essential guide to meal planning and taking the stress out of mealtimes!

Meal Planning

As the world starts emerging from lockdown, people are slowly getting back to their busy lives with work, evening activities and with supermarkets not as easy to navigate as before lockdown it has never been more important to be organised which helps to keep stress levels low!

As meal planning can be an overwhelming task to start with, so this in mind we thought, we would put together some top tips of where to start! 

  • Start on Friday!
  • This is a shocker! Write down activities that are happening the following week so you can see where you have time to cook and the days you need to have an easier meal up your sleeve! Write down the recipes that suit the days and the ingredients you need,

  • Check your fridge and cupboards before shopping!
  • Have a look to see what you already have in lurking at the back.

  • Click and collect/ home delivery if possible!
  • If the thought of going into a supermarket at the moment fills you with dread, have a look to see if you can book an elusive delivery slot or if not click and collect is just as good!

  • Use subscription services to make sure you don’t run out! 
  • ‘Subscribe and Save’ is not just limited to Amazon. Yorkshire Handmade Pies have just launched a Pie subscription so you can make sure you always have pies ready to go in the oven waiting in your freezer.

  • Use Sunday to prep.
  • What can you do to save more time? Can you pre chop the meat or vegetables and use the ‘Slow Cooker Dump Bag’ method! (google this!)

  • Don’t be scared to stock up on ready made meals! 
  • Not all pre prepared food is over processed, full of salts and saturated fats! Look for the nutritious real food, check your ingredients. Here at Yorkshire Handmade Pies we make everything from scratch and only use real food that we can pronounce and recognise! We freeze all of our pies so they arrive on your doorstep fresh and ready to bake or to pop in your freezer for the day you need them!

  • Sit back and enjoy your stress free meal times!