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Why an air fryer might just be the perfect way to cook your meals (and especially pies)

Air fryers have exploded in popularity recently and if you’ve been considering investing in one then now could be the perfect time to add one to your kitchen.

Despite the name, air fryers can cook a vast variety of different foods and can be an energy efficient and healthy way to cook your meals. Foods that are traditionally deep fried such as chips can be cooked with much less oil, although air fryers will successfully cook most things you can fit inside them. As an added bonus, due to their powerful cooking element and fan, they will cook meals much more quickly than a traditional oven and using significantly less energy. Independent tests have shown that an air fryer uses less than 50% of the energy of a conventional oven, and with a much quicker cooking time, which saves you both time and money.

So, in short, air fryers can save you money and get your tea on the table quickly. What’s not to like?


But the good news doesn’t stop there…


At Yorkshire Handmade Pies HQ we received several enquiries asking about cooking pies in an air fryer from customers who had bought them and wanted to know whether it would work. So we tested our range of pies in a few different air fryers. What we found is not only do they cook much more quickly than in an ordinary oven, but they were seriously impressive when it came to cooking pastry, giving a crisp and even finish to the pie.

Even better, if you have a dual compartment machine, you can cook your side dishes in one compartment whilst the pie cooks in the other. So you can have a complete pie meal on the table in next to no time, using less energy in the process.

To cook the perfect pie, when cooked from frozen we found a setting of 190c cooked for approximately 35 minutes worked very well and we would highly recommend these machines for cooking many foods, but especially our pies!


Meat Pies – Yorkshire Handmade Pies






If you’d like to look at comparing different models, check out this review guide from www.goodhousekeeping.com

And once you’re ready to cook your air fry pie, order yours here at www.yorkshirehandmadepies.co.uk