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What makes the pie so popular?

What makes the pie popular?

One thing is not in doubt. We love pies as a nation and have done for a long time! But what is it that we love so much about such a simple combination of pastry and fillings?

It feeds you well  - think of good, honest food – specifically good, honest pie. Freshly warmed and served with a side of buttered mash and roasted vegetables. Be invited in with the sound of light but crisp pastry breaking open to reveal a load of lovely balanced ingredients which ooze goodness. Not only is your pie super tasty, it’s also full of nutritious ingredients which will always feed you well.

Homely charm – the pie is a staple dish which will sit comfortably on any plate surrounded by simple chunky chips or various vegetables such as peas or roasted carrots. Whether enjoyed in the briskness of winter or in the freshness of brighter days, the pie’s comforting offerings and traditional, rustic appeal give it a definite homely charm all year round.

Filled with good stuff – your pies are made using fresh, fine and local ingredients all combined in balanced flavours, and encased in light, crisp pastry. The pie offers nutrition, taste and texture, and is much loved for its ability to blend all of these into a neat package which delivers comforting simplicity.

Fuss-free – the pie is simple, good food when made. Pop it in the oven, prepare your accompaniments (or choose to eat on its own), plate up and enjoy. We do have to admit, that pie making is more complicated than that, but luckily we do that bit for you. We make the pies, you enjoy the fuss-free eating of good, hearty food.