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What Lurks Inside? The Past Hidden Horrors Encased In Pastry!

What lurks inside? Hidden horrors encased in pastry.

The pie has a reputation for hiding horrors. Perhaps the most well-known pie horror story is Sweeney Todd; the demon barber of Fleet Street. The story of Sweeney Todd, the eighteenth/nineteenth century barber who slit the throats of his customers and sent their various body parts to his pie-making neighbour, Mrs Lovett for use as pie fillings, has been dramatized by Sondheim and most recently by Tim Burton.     

There is no concrete evidence to prove Sweeney Todd was ever more than a fictional creation, but whether real or pork pie, the story has fascinated and intrigued audiences for years.

Shakespeare too in Titus Andronicus sees Titus kill his enemy’s two sons whose flesh and parts are made into pies which are then unknowingly eaten by his enemy, Tamora.

Is it just coincidence that the pastry crust was in times gone by called a coffin?

But despite such unpleasant and sinister stories, the pie seals in more surprises than it does hide horrors, and our Yorkshire Handmade Pies encase only the best ingredients for a Yorkshire take on the classic pie.