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What is Wagyu beef and why is it so special?

We were recently invited to an open day at Warrendale Wagyu, a Wagyu beef supplier based here in Yorkshire. 

We'd never actually tried Wagyu beef before (although we've eaten a lot since!) and were intrigued to see if it could be a good basis for a new pie.

We were shown round one of the local farms and saw first hand how this unique breed of cattle are grazed on grass before being fed on a unique olive based feed that produces exceptional quality beef.

Wagyu beef originates from Japan with Wa meaning Japan and Gyu meaning cow. It has now spread across the world and we are blessed to have one of the best suppliers of this very special meat right on our doorstep.

The main difference between Wagyu and other beef is that it is bred and raised slowly on a very low intensity system to develop what is known as 'Marbling' in the meat. This is the intramuscular fat that is present within the meat and generally the more of it in the meat, the better the flavour. Although fat has an unhealthy reputation, this type of marbling fat is actually pretty healthy, containing beneficial fatty acids and high levels of Omega 3!

This is where Wagyu really excels as it is famous for having very high levels of marbling compared to other beef. That is what makes it such a special flavour and once you try it, you will know exactly what we mean!

So once we had been taken round the farm and tried some of this wonderful beef, we had no choice but to create a pie with it. And so we did, pairing it with other Yorkshire ingredients including Wensleydale Blue cheese, Riggwelter Black Sheep ale and Henderson's relish. We made an initial batch which sold out quicker than anything we've ever made before! We've now decided to keep it as a permanent part of our range given its popularity and also the fact that we are supporting such a fantastic local Yorkshire business. So if you've not tried this very special pie, then give it a go! We guarantee it'll be like nothing you've tasted before!

If you'd like to try some of Warrendale's exceptional Wagyu other than in a pie, then we can almost guarantee you'll not find better anywhere. It's not cheap, but this level of quality comes at a cost! We think its worth every penny! www.warrendale-wagyu.co.uk