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Meet the Supplier - Hambleton Brewery

Based just 100 metres from our bakery, Hambleton Brewery provide the amazing Nightmare Porter Ale that gives our Yorkshire Steak and Ale pie its rich depth of flavour. Coupled with grass-fed beef (also sourced within a few miles) it is a match made in heaven.

Despite being one of the best ales we’ve ever tasted, Nightmare Porter was the result of a happy accident. One of the first batches that owner Nick Stafford made after launching Hambleton Brewery, it went badly wrong!

Nick would probably tell you that this CAMRA Champion Winter beer of Britain winning brew was the result of years of skill, passion and perfecting to get the perfect 4 malt smooth drinking, porter recipe. We have heard a slightly different version of the story, where after a particularly stressful week Nick accidentally added the wrong malt to the latest brew. As the beer flowed out of the mash tun far darker and maltier that it should have been, Nick shouted that it was a ‘flipping’(!) Nightmare. The name stuck and the beer was released as a special, quickly becoming their best selling and most award-winning beer ever.

We love working with Hambleton Brewery and it’s great to have such a passionate supplier next door to us.

For more information on Hambleton Brewery, visit their website at www.hambletonbrewery.co.uk

You can even order their beer for home delivery if you want to try some alongside your pies!