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Helping to eradicate food poverty in the UK with FoodCycle

Helping to Eradicate Food Poverty in the UK with FoodCycle


We are proud to announce our new charity partnership with FoodCycle, a charity that runs projects across the country serving meals made from surplus food which would otherwise have gone to waste. For every box of pies purchased, Yorkshire Handmade Pies will donate 30p to FoodCycle which helps them to continue their amazing work in local communities and fund more projects in more regions .


We wanted to support a charity that matches our passions and ethos around food wastage, environmental responsibilities, corporate and wellbeing. We found the perfect match with FoodCycle as they support a wide variety of people from low-income families, people affected by homelessness to those experiencing physical and mental health problems. They exist to ensure communities have access to healthy food and a safe space.


FoodCycle started in 2009 and now runs 41 food projects across the country. Fresh, raw ingredients are donated by local supermarkets and food outlets, collected by volunteers who then use the surplus food to cook delicious three-course meals from scratch.


Pre-Covid19 this was served as a full dining experience to encourage friendships by creating spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun and a meal together, but since Covid-19 FoodCycle has diversified to provide take-aways still helping to improve nutrition and reducing hunger by cooking healthy meals for those in need.


FoodCycle also strives to change attitudes to food by cooking with surplus ingredients, spreading their passion for food and the environment which Yorkshire Handmade Pies fully support too as Yorkshire Handmade pies are delivered frozen because frozen food  generates 47% less wastage than chilled food and is a far more efficient as a method of production. Professionally frozen food is also proven to be superior in terms of nutritional content as well as the fact it locks in the flavours making sure the pies taste amazing!


It is World Food Day on the 16th October and as part of this Yorkshire Handmade Foods is also supporting FoodCycle's extra fundraising activities both online and offline. Visit https://www.foodcycle.org.uk/ for more information.