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All About Beef


A meat we have been eating in Britain for many centuries. There’s few things more British than roast beef (the French even call us ‘Les Rosbifs’) and many a family have tucked into a beef Sunday roast (Yorkshire puddings included of course) to enjoy this rich and flavoursome meat.

Beef has also become controversial in recent years. As more consumers become (quite rightly) aware of the environmental impact of the food they eat, beef has taken some flack in recent years with concerns raised over its carbon footprint, welfare standards and whether eating too much of it has harmful effects.

So should we be eating beef or not?

Well, that’s for you to decide. But one thing is for certain. If you are going to eat beef, eating British beef (we would argue Yorkshire beef!) is the best choice you could make. Here are some facts about British beef that may help you decide what beef you choose to eat.


  • British Beef has a carbon footprint that is 52% lower than the global average. This is due to the naturally good climate and landscape we have in Britain that is perfectly suited to rearing livestock.
  • By 2040, British Beef is aiming to be carbon neutral (yes this is certainly achievable)
  • 85% of the water used in British Beef production comes from rainwater. Imported beef from dryer climates often uses far more water to produce the same amount of meat.
  • 64% of agricultural land in the UK is grass, ideally suited for grazing cattle.
  • Britain has some of the highest welfare standards regulating beef production in the world and the vast majority of British farmers raise their animals with care.
  • Eating British beef means you are buying a product that has not travelled halfway across the world. With transport being the biggest emitter of CO2 emissions, this is a significant factor in reducing carbon emissions in our food choices.


Where do you source your beef from at Yorkshire Handmade Pies?

This is a question we are regularly asked. We are incredibly fortunate to be based in an area famed for beef production and we have some of the best beef farms in the UK right on our doorstep. We buy all the beef that goes into our pies from a butcher based just 2 miles away. They buy from local farms and buy only the best animals direct from the farmers. We are highly diligent with the sourcing of all our meat and beef is a key product for us. When you buy our beef pies, you are guaranteed the beef meets all the following criteria.

  • It is 100% Free range
  • It is sourced almost exclusively within Yorkshire and mainly from farms within 30 miles.
  • It comes from Heritage and Rare breeds including Hereford, Belted Galloway, Angus and many more. These breeds are a traditional part of British farming Heritage and provide incredible quality meat. These types of cattle are a world away from the mass-produced beef commonly sold in supermarkets.
  • All the beef we use is raised on pastures, never in feed lots or sheds. This provides the animals with a natural environment and is a key part of keeping the landscape healthy and populated with wild flowers and other plants that contribute to soil health, an important natural carbon capture system.
  • You really are buying from ‘Field to Fork’ with a very short supply chain that has full traceability throughout.
  • The money you are spending is supporting British farmers passionate about their animals and the quality of the meat they produce.

Where can I find out more about British beef?

Please check out the following links for more information on British Beef.