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A song about pies??

If we asked you to name 2 of life’s biggest pleasures, what would you say? (keep it clean!)


Well we asked ourselves this very question and came up with…. Pies (naturally) and music!


So what did we do next? We wrote a song about pies!

And then we asked a male voice choir to sing it. And remarkably, they agreed!

So the result is the Yorkshire Handmade Pies song sung by the Northallerton Male Voice Choir.

The choir turned out to be a fabulous bunch of gentlemen who sung the song brilliantly well. We were blown away when we heard it for the first time and decided there and then that we wanted to do more with it. So we arranged for our filming team to come back and film the performance one evening.

We’ve now released this onto Youtube and are delighted to be raising money for Prostate Cancer UK who are a charity very close to the choir’s heart. Prostate Cancer affects 1 in 8 men in the UK at some point in their lives and mainly affects those over 50.

More than anything, as a business we wanted to put something out there that was a bit of an antidote to the last few years which have been difficult for many people. And if it puts a smile on a few people’s faces and raises some money, we will be very happy indeed!

Please give it a watch and there is a link in the video description to a Just Giving page where you can donate if you want to. And please help us spread the song far and wide by sharing with family and friends!




  1. WARNING. The tune is very catchy and may stick in your head for weeks! 😊