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3 spectacular seasonal summer sides to go with your pies

Summer is a time for enjoying some incredible foods that are at their best and fully in season.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for things to eat with your pies this Summer, then read on.

Here are 3 stunning ingredients that are at their best right now and are the perfect accompaniment to any of our pies;

  1. English garden peas. We can of course enjoy frozen peas all year round which are delicious, but there’s nothing like taking fresh peas from the pod. Boil them quickly before dressing with some salt and pepper, fresh mint and a knob of butter. Delicious! You can also eat them raw, which lends a delightful crunch and savoury flavour to your meal. They’re also super easy to grow in pots, so why not think about growing your own for next year if you’ve not already tried it!
  2. Carrots.The humble carrot is a fantastic Summer choice for many reasons. Carrots are available most of the year and 95% of carrots sold in the UK are grown here, making them a great choice if like us you’re passionate about buying British. They’re also a very efficient crop and a very eco friendly choice. Carrots are at their best during the Summer, sweet and tender. The ideal accompaniment to any pie. Try roasting them with some fresh thyme, salt and pepper rather than boiling as doing this keeps more of their flavour and nutrient content preserved.
  3. Tenderstem Broccoli. This delightful type of Broccoli is actually a cross between Chinese kale and Broccoli. It has only been grown in Britain since around 2010, one of the beneficiaries of our warming climate! It’s available between Spring and early Autumn in the UK (outside of this window it’s generally flown in from Africa or South America, not particularly great for the environment!) so aim to only buy it when it’s available home grown. It’s super nutritious, being packed with nutrients including folic acid and vitamins A and C. You can either boil it or roast it in the oven with some oil and garlic. A heavenly partner to any pie meal.

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