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3 seasonal and delicious side dishes to try with your pies

So, you’ve received your delivery of Yorkshire Handmade Pies and put them away safely in the freezer drawer, ready to be baked for a convenient and delicious meal.

One of the questions we are most regularly asked is what we recommend you eat alongside your pies.

Now clearly mash potato has to be an obvious choice and there is little more delicious and traditional than a plate of pie and mash.

But what if you’re in the mood for something a little different?

Here are 3 adventurous and seasonal ideas for side dishes for you to prepare and eat alongside your Yorkshire Handmade Pies.

  1. Jersey Royal Potatoes. There are potatoes and then there are Jersey Royals. These very special potatoes are bang in season, peaking in May when over 1500 tonnes of them can be exported to the UK every day. They are so special they even have Protected Destination of Origin status (PDO) and make an unbelievable accompaniment to pies. For a really special dish, try par-boiling them in salted water before transferring to a hot oven and roasting with some rosemary and a little garlic. Garnish with some chives and you have the perfect pie side dish.
  2. British Asparagus. There is no better Asparagus in the world than what we grow here in Britain (our Yorkshire asparagus is particularly good!) and it goes wonderfully well with any pie. You have to catch it quickly as it’s only in season between late April and June, but there’s still time to get some of this year’s delicious crop and serve it alongside your pies. It goes particularly well with our braised chicken, smoked bacon, tarragon and leek pie. Try boiling it in salted water for a few minutes before draining and adding a little salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  3. Heritage carrots. These have been a regular on fancy restaurant menus in recent years but are now making their way into some of the better supermarkets. You may be lucky enough to find them at your local greengrocer or Farmer’s markets too. The appeal of these carrots is their stunning colours and they make any plate of food look super appetising. Interestingly, this is how carrots used to be before the Dutch standardised the orange carrot which became the norm. Try roasting them in the oven with a little rosemary before serving them alongside any of our pies for a stunning plate of food!