'Meat' the supplier

At Yorkshire Handmade Pies, we are blessed to have several like minded suppliers right on our doorstep here in North Yorkshire. We truly believe we have some of the best produce in the country and our meat supply is something we take very seriously. We use only single muscle chuck for our steak pies and R&J supply us with exceptional quality beef that they have reared with care and attention.

R & J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers pride themselves on Quality, Consistency and No Compromise. They have been farming for the last five generations and therefore know what produces the perfect finished livestock and how to achieve this.

Their Waterford Farm cattle are reared on a low intensity system living outside the majority of the year grazing freely on Yorkshire pastures. Rob, the R of R & J, works with the cattle on a daily basis meaning that they are accustomed to the human hand. Predominantly they farm Charolais and Limousin Cattle due their muscle to fat ratio being second to none in order to produce Yorkshire’s Finest beef.

We are proud to use their meat in our pies and work closely with them on ensuring only the best quality of meat raised to the highest welfare standards goes into our pies.