FoodCycle's Incredible Work During The Pandemic

Our charity partners FoodCycle held a webinar recently in which they described the huge challenges they’ve faced in providing their usual levels of support to their guests during lockdown.

FoodCycle’s vision is a society in which nobody is hungry or lonely. Pre-lockdown they offered a service nationwide where guests could visit a centre to receive a meal and also a place to meet and socialise, helping combat food poverty and loneliness.

Lockdown has of course meant that since March 2020 these centres have not been able to operate and FoodCycle have had to adapt their offering to try and maintain some level of service for their guests, who are even more vulnerable to hunger and isolation than ever.

They explained during the webinar how they have done this and we were blown away by how adaptable they have been throughout the pandemic in navigating the obvious difficulties in providing their service.

Despite the challenge, FoodCycle have achieved the following in 2020.

  • Saved 350 tonnes of food that would have gone to waste
  • Made 62,000 home deliveries, benefiting 160,000 people across the UK
  • Set up a cook and collect service where guests can pick up a hot meal safely using social distancing
  • Recruited another 5,900 volunteers, many of whom were furloughed from their regular jobs
  • Set up a ‘check in and chat’ service where volunteers arrange telephone chats with guests to reduce social isolation.


Setting up their delivery routes was a completely new logistical challenge for FoodCycle and required them to adapt very quickly to the situation which they have done brilliantly and we are incredibly proud to support a charity that have clearly done an exceptional job of continuing to serve their guests as well as they possibly can during such a difficult period.

It is amazing to hear how well they have coped and adapted and it is so good to hear how many willing volunteers there have been to help them continue their work.

Don't forget for every order we receive we automatically donate 30p to FoodCycle and we are very grateful to everybody who buys our pies for helping support such a good cause.

For more information on how FoodCycle have carried out their work, please visit their website at